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Dysperse Availability is now in public beta. Availability helps you find the best time to meet based on your guest's availability. No signup required

A radically different unified productivity platform

Meet Dysperse: The all-in-one minimalistic, personal productivity platform – trusted & loved by thousands of students, families, and entrepreneurs.

Meet Dysperse.

Pronounced /də°spərs/

Not just another to-do list app...

zen mode
home inventory
kanban boards

Minimalism — at its best.

Customize your theme colors

Move & reorder widgets

Brag about your daily streak

Set daily goals & achieve them

Access from anywhere, anytime, on any device!

Allow for easy searching and filtering

View your progress & get encouraged to finish tasks


Track your belongings.

Sync your home inventory inventory with your phone.

Organize items into rooms

Add notes and photos to each item

Scan items to quickly build up your inventory

Categorize items by type

Quickly find items by searching/filtering for them


Master your tasks.

Create kanban boards to organize your tasks

Customize columns with emojis & colors

Attach notes & photos to tasks

Set due dates to tasks

Sync your to-do list to Canvas LMS


Achieve the impossible.

Create goals and track your progress

Prepare for exams, interviews, and more

Break down your goals into smaller tasks

Get rid of bad habits and create new ones


two thousand

active users

one million

daily requests

four terabytes

worth of data stored

Secure by design

refined to perfection
transparency by default
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256-bit encryption
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Invite-only access
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multi-factor authentication
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Frequently asked questions

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Dysperse is a personal productivity platform that helps you organize your life and get things done.

Yes, Dysperse is free to use.

Yes, Dysperse is perfect for dorms and apartments. Dysperse has specific features for dorms and apartments.

Yes, Dysperse lets you customize your experience to fit your needs.

No, Dysperse does not take your credit card information. Dysperse is free to use.