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Introducing Dysperse AI

Dysperse is the new standard for productivity

Meet the minimalist, unified productivity app loved by thousands
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Sync across devices

Sign into your Dysperse account on any device

AES-256 bit encryption

Dysperse encrypts all your user data with AES-256 GCM, zero-access encryption.

What (only) you can see


What's stored on our end

Customize your Dysperse

Change the colors and theme to make Dysperse your own

Collaborative by default

Invite up to 5 people to your group

Schedule anything

with Agenda

View your to-do list and schedule tasks by time, so you can stay on track and make the most of your day.

Make it yours

Prioritize, color-code, and attach files/emojis to your tasks

See unfinished tasks

You can view unfinished tasks in your backlog


Plan visually

with Boards

Organize anything, from shopping lists, to business plans in a streamlined way. Share boards with your friends and family.

Tap. Create. Share.

It's that easy to create a board. Explore over 25+ templates to fit your needs

Plan literally anything

From your next vacation to your next business plan, boards are a super flexible way to plan anything


Sync with your Canvas assignments

Automatically import assignments from your Canvas courses

Pin frequently used boards

Pin a frequently-accessed board for everybody in your group

Achieve more

with Coach

Achieve personal goals by adding small tasks to enrich your daily routine. Receive daily reminders to nudge yourself.

Share your progress

Share your progress with your friends via your favorite social media

Daily reminders

Receive daily nudges to work towards goals

Coach streak

Maintain a streak to keep yourself motivated

Adapt to your needs

Sort columns by priority, due date, or name

Scan and track

with Inventory

Keep track of your personal belongings with shareable lists. Easily sync with boards so you'll never forget to buy something again.

Scan. Create. Share.

Quickly build your inventory by hovering your camera over your item.

Know what you have

Always have your inventory on hand so you'll never forget what you have.


Add notes to your items

Store important information about your items, like serial numbers, dimensions, and more.

Keep your inventory private

Create a private inventory list that only you can see. Keep them public to collaborate with invited members.

Understand yourself

with Mood Tracking

Complete quick daily check-ins to track your mood and reflect on your day. View your mood history to see how your mood has changed over time.

Practice basic mindfulness

Complete 2-minute daily check-ins to track your mood and stress levels

See your mood history

View up to 30 days of your mood history to see how your moods have changed over time

Only you can see your mood history

Your mood history is private and only visible to you

Notification reminders

We'll check in with you during the day to see how you're feeling

two thousand

active users

five million

tasks completed

four terabytes

worth of data transferred

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meet your absolute productivity weapon.

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